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A Talk by Pratyoush Onta

Central Department of Anthropology

20 Years of the Journal Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS): Reflections on an Experiment in Quality Academic Publishing

By Pratyoush Onta

1-3 pm, July 15 2016 @ Central Department of Anthropology, TU



imgres.jpgStudies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS) was founded in 1996 by four academics, two Nepalis and two North Americans – three of whom were anthropologists and one historian – all trained in American universities. Published by Mandala Book Point from Kathmandu, 40 separate issues of this journal, each about 200 pages thick, constituting 20 full volumes have already been published. Many Nepal Studies practitioners now acknowledge that SINHAS has become a leading platform of quality academic publishing in their field.

In this talk, one of the founding editors of SINHAS, reflects on the 20 years of this journal. In the first part of this presentation, I will share what I consider to be some…

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National Seminar on Contemporary Social Science Practice in Nepal

Flyer MishraAs historical products, modern social science disciplines emerged within a broadly specific world context of the latter half of the 19th century. Inevitably, political and economic transitions since then have reshaped social sciences in major ways, including by generating new disciplines, delegitimizing several others, and producing distinctive “hybrid” disciplines—some of which fully taken shape as full-fledged disciplines for long—in several other instances. In addition, regional, national and, in some instances, local contexts have distinctively shaped the theory and practice as well as teaching and research of social sciences. Advances in social sciences, as in all other “sectors,” have also been highly uneven across the regions, countries and localities.    Continue reading →

Research Methodology Training Workshop

Research Methology


Flyer Bhattachan Farewell